How does solar power work

Solar electricity works exactly the same as the electricity you buy from the utility company. In fact, if you didn't see Solar Modules on the roof, you'd never notice any difference -  except a lower electric bill.

Solar electricity is generated by a group of modules called an array that's installed on your roof or in your yard. When the sun falls on the solar modules, a DC electrical current is created instantly. The DC electricity is fed into an inverter that changes it  to standard AC electricity - the same kind your home already uses.


Space City Solar offers design, supply and installation of solar energy systems. We in Texas need a lot of electricity during the summer to cool our homes. The Sun which generates heat, can help us generate free electricity. Solar Power can also helps us solve our energy and greenhouse emission problems. Not just help, but solve. Solar Power can provide large quantities of energy on Earth with very little environmental impact.

The Solar Energy available in space is literally billions of times greater than what we use today. The lifetime of the Sun is an estimated 4-5 billion years, making Solar Power a truly long-term energy solution. As Earth receives only one art in 2.3 billion of the sun's output, Solar Power is by far the largest potential  energy source available. This technology on a larger scale, combined with already demonstrated power transmission can supply nearly all the electrical needs of our planet.