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Solar electricity for your office, retail or industrial property is one of the best investments you can make. A Solar System can:

  1. Immediately lower your operations costs with lower electric bills.
  2. Provide locked-in electricity prices for decades.
  3. Build goodwill and positive public relations.

Space City Solar provides the best design and installation for your solar energy systems.

  1. We will do a detailed site analysis to ensure that your PV system provides maximum benefit to your unique situation.
  2. Our financial benefits analysis ensure the maximum benefit from all available programs and incentives,
  3. Our installation team specializes in professional project management, so you know what to expect and when.

PV System costs have never been lower:

  1.  System prices continue to drop.
  2. 30% of total cost is offset by a Federal income tax credit.
  3. State and utility company incentives can further reduce the total cost.

Contact Space City Solar to find out how your business can benefit from Solar Energy. Call 281-260-8566 for more information.

solar energy for commercial property