Our Commercial Services

Commercial solar panel systems are individually designed, custom-built, grid-tied solar power systems for commercial buildings.


Space City Solar designs, installs, maintains, and monitors commercial solar power systems, and we work with customers to calculate your return on investment, apply for relevant rebates, secure solar system financing, and manage your installation project from start to finish including permits and inspections.


Solar Carports

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 Open parking lots can be turned into a great revenue source.  Solar carports are the right answer.  Solar panels provide not only the shade but also, they generate electricity.  We have partnered with leading Solar Carport Installer of Pre-Engineered Solar Support Frames.  This enables us to provide cost effective solar carports that any business can afford.


There are several advantages in converting open car parking spaces into solar carports:

  • Improves aesthetics of a property.

  • Maximum shade coverage.

  • Lowers owner’s operational costs.

  • Increases cash flow.

  • Can eliminate or significantly reduce electricity cost

  • Clean, secure energy production

  • Increases parking lot safety.

  • Reduces carbon footprint.

  • Provides a better user experience for staff, visitors, and clients.

  • Enhances brand/property’s reputation.

  • Generates electricity in-house – avoiding blackouts and brownouts.

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Commercial solar system owners can enjoy these benefits:

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), currently 26% of installed cost, can be carry forwarded to many years that fits their future federal income tax liabilities.

  • Solar assets enjoy accelerated depreciation for income tax purposes.

  • Savings derived from solar energy are not taxable.

  • Texas allows counties to offer property tax exemption on solar assets, reducing property tax reductions.

  • Direct savings and tax related savings increase Net Operating Income (NOI) from a commercial property.  This improves CapRate from resale point of view.

  • Very recently State of Texas approved PACE, Property Assessed Clean Energy, an innovative way of going solar.  This program enables commercial property owners to go solar without spending a Penny of their capital budget.


  • Businesses are increasingly realizing the monetary benefits of installing commercial solar panels. With a payback time in 6 to 8 years and a typical internal rate of return (IRR) exceeding 10%, most companies find that solar makes sense purely as a financial investment. There are other intangible benefits that can further improve the economics, such as employee recruiting and retention, customer attraction and loyalty, reputation in the community, and competitive differentiation.


  • To calculate the payback of a solar investment, we simply subtract the annual electricity savings from the upfront cost of the system, net of tax credits and rebates, until we achieve a positive number. For example, a $300,000 system (less $78,000 for the 26% federal tax credit and $63,000 in depreciation tax – at 21% tax rate- savings) that creates $24,000 in annual energy savings will pay back in 6.6 years.

  • Most commercial solar projects in Texas have a payback period between 4 and 8 years depending on the location and provide a faster return than residential solar systems.

  • Keep in mind that the payback period is not necessarily the most important metric for determining the value of a solar investment. The return on investment (ROI) for commercial solar panels should factor in the continued income stream resulting from the solar panels for 40 years or more as well as the increased value of the property should you decide to sell it.


  • The IRR measures the net present value of all cash flows from a particular investment, and companies typically have a minimum IRR threshold for projects. We believe that IRR is a relevant metric to determine whether to invest in a solar PV system instead of other projects during the capital budgeting process or to other investment vehicles more generally.  Texas commercial solar projects often have an IRR above 10% and typically closer to 15%, which tends to be above the minimum acceptable rate of return for many companies.


  • The capitalization rate measures the value of an asset based on what it produces in terms of income, which is an important component of the commercial solar ROI. The income capitalization approach is the preferred method of the national Appraisal Institute to evaluate all solar projects, both commercial and residential. Solar is considered a fixture, so the value flows to building itself rather than being measured separately.

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Solar Power Systems, Off Grid Kits,

and Battery Backup

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for Oil and Gas Companies: 

We design and engineer custom Solar Power Systems for Oilfield Services, Gas Pipelines, Off-shore Drilling, Injection Sites, Wellhead Locations and Related Oil and Gas Service Companies.

Our power solutions for the oil and gas industry are cost-effective, reliable systems that can control the assets of multi-million-dollar operations.


We provide solutions that power SCADA equipment, remote telemetry (RTU), seismic equipment, remote measurement, cathodic protection, valve control, injection pumps, and many other applications.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for Telecommunications

We can design, engineer, and integrate a telecommunication solution sized for your needs

We support the telecom industry with solar solutions for microwave repeater sites, base transmission stations (BTS), rural telephony, VSATs, two-way radio, telephone exchanges, satellite earth stations, and more.


We will work with you to size your solution to expand your network infrastructure and coordinate all the technologies involved.


Deployment, even in the most remote locations, is far easier than many other solutions, especially running utility line extensions.  Many existing sites that operate 24/7 on diesel fuel can transition to solar to reduce the burden of costly fuel and maintenance of generators.

Telecommunication tower powered by solar

Solar Power Lighting Systems

and Kits

Our solar power lighting systems are easy to install and environmentally friendly, especially when used with LEDs, compact fluorescent, or low-pressure sodium lights.

It uses free, renewable energy that is stored in a battery, ready to be used when darkness falls. 

We offer pre-packaged and custom pole-mounted systems that can withstand extreme wind conditions, and NEMA 3R battery enclosures for completely self-contained solutions that protect against rain, sleet, and snow.

Our team can design, engineer, and integrate solutions sized for your needs.

Solar Power – Security

& Surveillance Systems

Solar power security lights, video cameras, alarms, lighting, access controls, motion sensors, data collection and wireless communication.


We offer all these integrations and can customize a system to suit your security and surveillance needs.

Our system provides integrated solar solutions to power a range of security devices and equipment.


Our solar power systems are designed to accommodate your specific security application needs using reliable and proven solar technology and components.

surveillance camera with power from a so
agricultural equipment for field irrigat

Solar Power Water Pumping

Off-Grid Systems

 Need to install or retrofit a solar water pumping solution? Here is some information you will need to know to get started. 


Remote water pumping is one of the most practical and cost-effective uses of solar energy today.


Solar electric power systems designed for water pumping have no moving parts or batteries. When the sun shines, the system pumps water.


Typically, water requirements peak in the summer months when free available energy from the sun is most abundant.

Solar Power Water Pumping Off-Grid Systems

Recent improvements in solar technology along with significant price reductions have made even large-scale solar water pumping projects practical.


Remote systems using pumps up to 100 HP can be upgraded from diesel power to clean and cost-effective solar energy. 


Where exact water volumes are critical, a secondary generator can be employed to insure operation even on days when solar resources are unavailable.


Solar powered pumping systems also substantially lower operating costs by significantly reducing fuel, maintenance, and labor costs.


Solar Power Water Pumping Off-Grid Systems

We incorporate the following pump types depending on system requirements and application needs: Small DC submersibles, Small DC booster pumps, Medium Submersible Pumps, DC or AC powered, 1 to 3 HP, Large AC submersible pumps with controller, 5 to 100 HP, Specialty pumps.


Outdoor Battery Backup UPS Systems

Outdoor Battery Backup UPS Systems

Our outdoor battery backup UPS kits are available in 12-48 Volt DC and 120-240 Volt AC configurations.

Our systems sustain critical loads in the event of a utility power loss.


These systems are pre-wired with AC chargers, inverters and circuit protection for rapid installation that may be pole, pad or wall mounted.

System Benefits

• Seamless power transfer - no downtime during utility interruptions

• Fully factory tested for ease of deployment

• Bumper to bumper warranty included

• Weatherproof and lockable enclosures

• Systems available in a wide range of sizes and configurations

• Optional integration services to incorporate critical loads

• Battery system capacities available from a few hours to a few days

• Temperature compensated with over circuit protection

How to get a commercial Solar project financed ?


PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), enables commercial property owners to obtain affordable, long-term loans covering up to 100 percent of the cost for energy efficiency, water conservation, and on-site (solar) generation technologies. 


Property Assessed Clean Energy (TX-PACE) is a proven financial tool that incentivizes Texas’ commercial property owners to upgrade facility infrastructure with little or no capital outlay.


Approved by State legislation and established by local governments, TX-PACE programs enable owners to lower their operating costs and use the savings to pay for eligible water conservation, energy efficiency, resiliency, and distributed generation projects.


Owners gain access to private, affordable, long-term (typically 10-20 years) financing that is not available through traditional funding avenues.

Space City Solar is trained to process PACE funding applications for commercial property owners to go solar, to replace roof with energy efficient materials, to replace old HVAC systems, and to convert to LED lighting.

Though PACE is authorized by the state of Texas, adoption, and implementation of it are left with individual (property) taxing jurisdictions, such a county. 


Please call us to find out if the county where your property is located has implemented PACE.