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Driven by the pursuit of a cleaner, healthier America, Space City Solar provides a clean energy option through systems installed on the rooftops of homes and businesses. We work to educate our community on how solar systems work, the installation process, and government incentives available to offset costs.

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High-efficiency commercial solar panels for business, government, schools and farms with proven durability and industry-best power & product warranty.


Space City Solar champions the solar energy movement by creating solutions for financing and developing utility-scale solar power systems. Bringing a depth of experience and passion for sustainable energy alternatives, our founders are trailblazers in Texas renewable energy industry and understand the impact of solar energy on the environment as well as the added benefits of lower energy costs and changing government regulations.

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Our Solar Products


GCL Solar Panels

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 GCL offers a wide range of high-quality solar modules for a variety of application environments, including modules of standard 72 cells, dual-glass, …

LG Solar Panels

 LG's solar panel's high efficiency comes in part from its Cello technology, which increases its power output and reliability making it one of the most powerful and ...

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AP Systems Micro-inverter

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 AP systems offers advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The AP systems solar solution combines highly ...

SolarEdge for Homes & Businesses

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 Turn your businesses and homes into a sustainable energy hub with a SolarEdge inverter solution and the SolarEdge energy manager system.


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Understanding and professional with the full attention to detail which was crucial in helping me make the right decision. If your looking for knowledgeable courteous and professional, you've came to the right place.

Robert Williams (Ret.) USMC