Residential Solar

Space City Solar

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful.


As the cost of using solar to produce electricity goes down each year, many Americans are increasingly switching to solar. Now, there are over a million solar installations across the country.


A residential solar electricity generating system from Space City Solar provides you with your own supplemental electrical power source to work in concert with power from your electric utility provider.

We provide following services to our

residential solar customers:

Understanding your monthly electricity b
Understanding your monthly electricity b
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Analyze your electricity bills.

o   Your electricity bills have treasure of information that can help you determine whether going solar could help or not. 

o    They tell your house’s power demand during different seasons; electricity rate you are paying at; and who is your Retail Electricity Provider (REP).  If you are currently paying less than eight cents per kilo watt hour, return on investment for a new solar energy system will be far less than if the rates are more than ten cents. 

o    What all the costs on your current electricity bills cannot be eliminated or reduced by a new solar energy system.   

o   Your current REP may not offer solar electricity Buy Back Program and may not give credits for sending any solar electricity back to the grid.  In that case, we can size a system that will not send any electricity back to the grid. Thanks to which helps to precisely assess these parameters.

Design, supply, and install roof top and ground mount systems including obtaining utility and city permits.

o   Any time that you must deal with city or utilities for permits, National Electric Codes, city/local ordinances, and even your HOA’s deed restrictions it must be skillfully handled.  Our experience and inhouse expertise help to navigate through technical and bureaucratic channels painlessly and quickly.

o   We have helped HOA’s in Texas to understand what Texas Solar Access Laws are about.  Though this law was enacted in 2012, many HOA’s in Texas have not incorporated it into their Deed Restrictions causing problems for homeowners to go green!

o   Solar technology is a fast-growing new field.  As experts, we are required to undergo rigorous, continuous training to keep ourselves UpToDate.  By keeping our knowledge current, we can provide the best services and product lines to homeowners.


We also offer DIY SolarX product lines that help willing

homeowner to install a solar energy system under their own supervision.


We built a SolarOnRoller facility, a mini-house on wheels, with which we are able to demonstrate solar panel installation is not a rocket science.  

o   Though solar panel prices have come down by 80% since last several years, installation labor costs did not follow suite.


The good news is solar panels installation process is not a rocket science.  We have made several components simple. 


Now, solar panels installation is a Plug-And-Play process.  Thanks to our DIYSolarX product line.  We thus help homeowners to save on labor costs substantially.

 We offer training, monitoring, and other support services so that you can fully understand what system is installed on your rooftop by us.

o   A recent survey of several homeowners, who got their solar panels installed, revealed this fact: they do not know what they have got on their roof top and in their garage.


 We will not leave our solar customers in darkness.  We explain everything in plain ‘English’ and make sure they understand what they on their roof top and what to watch for!

o   Our system, installed on your roof top, can be monitored remotely by our experts, and assess if the system is performing as it is supposed to be. 


We also alert our customers of any anomaly and of corrective actions, if needed.  In Texas, overgrown trees, 3 or 4 years after solar panels are installed, cause shades.  We can alert and have such tree branches be trimmed off.